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“I’m originally from France and in 2005 I landed in Australia…for a few years. I did not know anyone there (Sydney), but my kiwi friend introduced me to K.D and Mick and a long-term friendship started from there. I stayed with Mick for a while (which I am forever grateful). His passion for the All Blacks was very contagious. I already loved this team but once you meet people from the All Black Supporters Club it’s even more contagious. People are really friendly and passionate and humane. For me, the All Blacks are a legend, and the fact that I could meet people from the club who have met the players and who follow every game was like getting closer to the spirit and the legend.
If u love the All Blacks, go to the Club, you will love the atmosphere :-).”
Claire, FR

Je suis Française et j’ai atterri en Australie en 2005 où je suis restée pendant quelques années. Je ne connaissais personne à Sydney, mais ma très bonne amie originaire de Nouvelle-Zélande m’a présenté K.D et Mick et ainsi est née une très grande amitié. Mick m’a hébergé pendant quelque temps et je lui en suis pour toujours extrêmement reconnaissante. Sa passion pour les All Blacks était très contagieuse! J’adorais déjà cette équipe mais une fois que l’on rencontre les personnes du Club, cela devient encore plus contagieux! Les gens sont très sympathiques, passionnés et humains. Pour moi, les All Blacks sont une légende et le fait de rencontrer des personnes du Club qui ont eu la chance de rencontrer les joueurs et qui suivent chaque match, c’était comme se rapprocher de l’esprit et de la légende All Blacks 🙂
Si vous adorez les ALL BLACKS, allez au Clubs des Supporters, vous allez adorez l’ambiance 🙂 !

I first went to the All Blacks Supporters Club Sydney when I was 21, start of 2000. I had moved to Sydney not really knowing any one, and was put on to the club by uncle, who introduced me to Mick and Paul.

The club was awesome for me, meeting down the Jade to start with, everyone was friendly and welcomed me like I was part of the family. At one stage we were having such a good time you would almost forget there is a game of rugby coming up, speaking with everyone, I was blow-in away by how far people had travelled, some from a farm over the Blue Mountains, Newcastle, all travelling hours just to come and watch a game, but soon realised it was the atmosphere and the people they were coming for.

I moved on from Sydney after 3 years, went to UK, I came back after a couple of years and still the same, good people running it and same atmosphere as usual. Couldn’t believe my luck, needless to say the fun continued, but they had got bigger and had been talking to Jock Hobbs about going to the captains run on the Friday.

That I could Hardly believe

But we Did meet the players, Apart from Richie who was doing interviews, and got a few pics, awesome experience been at the stadium with about 100 people and the All Blacks, up front and personal

I’ve now settled in WA but still get over for the odd game, and it’s always a blast catching up and sharing a few stories, accompanied with a couple of cold beers and watching the blacks go

Look forward to the next time, it’s good to see how far the clubs gone and if you love rugby and the All Blacks and you’re in the Sydney area, there’s only one place to watch it


Ryan Hastie, WA