Two Tests Into The Steiny Series & The Dust Has Been Blown Off


Well two tests into the Steiny series and the dust has been blown off and its been great fun at The All Blacks Supporters Club.

Whilst the first test was a bit rusty from the boys was fairly A typical of a first test of the year. The All Blacks Supporters Club however had two awesome nights, with fantastic numbers and a great atmosphere / vibe.

Awesome to see many of our regular faces turn up in their colours as well as some new faces. So now its onto the final test against the frogs next weekend – where you can be sure that the coaching team will throw a few more opportunities to our up and coming 2015 WC squad. Word on the street is Dan will be back for the last test. After this we will be showing some great Super rugby action and then gearing up for the rugby Championship.

Come the Championship we will have loads of cool ABSCS threads available in all sizes, tee’s, hoodies and polo’s, there is even some talk of maybe some scarves and hats being produced – so watch this space.

Thanks to all who joined us the last two weeks. We are looking forward to seeing you all again this weekend – as always C’mon the mighty Men in Black.

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