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Welcome to the Palace Hotel. Rich in history, the Palace Hotel first held a liquor license in 1877. The vibrant Haymarket area was the market end of town bustling with fruit, vegetables, meats and all sorts of fare for the new Sydney colony. Haymarket was also the entertainment precinct of Sydney. A tradition we are proud to uphold.

During the first World War all bars had a 6.00pm curfew, so men would rush over after work, drink as much as they could and head home drunk before dinner.’ Almost one hundred years on and as though time stood still, the history and spirit of the Palace Hotel continues to radiate and attract visitors near and far. Without the rush…

While some of the Bar and Brasserie’s 125 year history may be plastered over by newly renovated walls and contemporary interior design, the spot on the corner of George St and Hay St in Sydney continues to host classic elements that draw men and women alike in for a pint or two of beer or a glass of fine wine.

The Palace Hotel has undergone a few changes in its long history – transforming into an Irish Green in the 90’s under the name of Bridie O’Reillys, then Paddy Maguires in the 2000’s. A quick name change to the Yardhouse was short lived as we decided it best to reinstate the original name – the Palace Hotel Sydney.

Divided into five sections, the Palace experience starts at the George Street entrance. Welcoming you to the property is the jazz influenced Palace Bar. A spacious and inviting section of the property, the Palace Bar was designed to appeal and attract locals, particularly those looking to test-out the bar’s 60 various types of beer on tab and bottle.

Connected to the Palace Bar, is the Middle Bar. Seating only 18 patrons, the Middle Bar offers an intimate space for small parties or patrons looking to escape the bustle of Sydney.

Walking through the smaller Middle Bar guests will end up in the contemporary Brasserie. Seating up to 118 people, the large space is definitely the heart of the bar. Similarly to the Palace Bar, the Brasserie is decorated in heritage-style furnishing but with a hint of darkness, through darker timbers.

As well as offering the Bar’s alcoholic specialities the Brasserie is also home to the Palace all day/night menu. More on food later.

New to the location, the Palace has added an all new downstairs bar called the Bear Bar. The cheekily themed cocktail bar managed by Andy and Grace continue to win the hearts of those seeking the finer beverages made with love.

The Palace also has George St and Hay St seating where you can enjoy your beer, some food and the sight of people as they scurry through the streets of Sydney or catch the light rail to the inner west.

Aside from what seems to be a never-ending choice of alcoholic beverages, the Palace is also home to some of Sydney’s best dishes using the highest quality produce, designed by award winning Andy Yang.

The bar’s dining hours commence from 11.00am until 9pm daily.

The Palace Hotel is committed to providing boutique live entertainment Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights from 8pm until close. Some of Sydney’s best and upcoming talent lay down acoustic sets for you to enjoy in a relaxed “no stress” environment. The Palace Hotel Sydney was the first hotel to be granted a lockout exemption due to our live music commitment, our compliance to liquor laws being a safe and low risk venue – enabling us to stay open slightly longer than other venues in the CBD.

Of course what would a pub be without live sport. The Palace Hotel has FoxSports and Optus TV both in HD to ensure all of your sports are available on one of the many large screen TVs including the 85 inch mega screen. Most hotels don’t screen their sport in HD but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So come down and visit us – sample one of our fantastic craft beers on tap, grab a bite to eat and enjoy one of our many spaces as you partake in a tradition set back in 1877 – a drink or a bite @ the Palace Hotel Sydney, www.palacehotelsydney.com.au

Palace Hotel Sydney

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